Through a creative 23-year journey full of knowledge and challenges, today Tsatsakis is a modern and successful company, which treats its legacy with the utmost respect.

With lots of passion and love for the art of baking, Tsatsakis family business started in 1998 in Greece in the island of Crete, offering consumers a genuine ambassador of the Mediterranean diet, the Cretan rusk.
Quality and devotion to tradition – these are the key ingredients of our own yeast for every product we offer. A tradition that conveys the values of our Cretan grandparents and meets our need to create recipes with pure ingredients.

Drawing on years of know-how, we are constantly experimenting and improving. We strike upon special flavors that can be harmoniously combined with features of Cretan gastronomy and draw enjoyment closer to a healthy diet. Always dedicated to the emerging needs of our consumers, we offer a wide range of products such as rusks, breadsticks, croutons, Cretan cookies etc. offering a unique journey through the flavors and aromas of Crete and the Mediterranean.

For all endeavors, new bakery goods and different ingredient combinations that inspire us, quality always remains everyone’s priority. The strict selection of raw materials, our modern equipment, the international quality standards applied and our attention to detail, contribute to our successful course and enhance our vision: the production of nutritious, quality products that would capture our tradition and love for bakery within.

For all endeavors, new bakery goods and different ingredient combinations that inspire us,
quality always remains everyone's priority.


In “Tsatsakis”, we have always taken pride in our people. These are the people who we share our daily efforts, our passion, our constant exceeding of the limits we set, our expectations for the next day with. These are the people who support “Tsatsakis” at every step and prompt it to constantly evolve.


With dedication and commitment to their every need, we invest in our human resources. We make sure that their work environment puts in place the right conditions for their creativity and personal development, as they are an significant and integral part of our identity.

Our vision is reflected in just three words:
quality, development, trust.


Through a strict selection of raw materials and a thorough evaluation of our suppliers, our primary goal is the purity of the ingredients we use, while the strict IFS systems we follow guarantee quality at every stage of the production process.

We are constantly breaking new grounds by presenting new products and implementing different ideas. Having already created a new line of vegan and organic products, we are researching into new ways that can lead to unique taste combinations and relate enjoyment to good health and wellness.

By exploring and creating, we always make sure to respond to the ever-changing needs of our consumers and face challenges with resourcefulness, while being always on the path towards growth, we have established strategic partnerships with important companies in the industry.